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Information on Surrogacy
We handle all areas of reproductive law, including:
  • egg donation
  • sperm donation
  • pre-embryo donation
  • pre-planned adoption agreements
  • gestational surrogacy
  • traditional surrogacy
Traditional and gestational surrogacy offer additional options to those who have been trying unsuccessfully to have a child. In gestational surrogacy, a surrogate mother carries the embryo, which is the result of a union of the egg and sperm of the biological or "commissioning" parents. This option is often a successful option for women who can produce eggs, but cannot carry a baby to term. It may also be utilized with either donor eggs or donor sperm. Pre-planned adoption agreements offer even more options to the infertile couple as a surrogate can carry a child that is the result of a union between her egg or a donor egg and either donor sperm or sperm from the commissioning father. Genetic and medical history is obtained and potential surrogates are medically and psychologically screened.

In order to expedite this process, we require the completion of the following forms. Please select from the list below, depending upon your interest.

Surrogacy Forms:
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