Board Certification

The Florida Bar recently recognized  Jeanne T. Tate & Danelle D. Barksdale as Board Certified Adoption Attorneys.  Only 7% of eligible Florida Bar members are board certified.  Certification represents the highest level of competency and experience within an area of law, as well as professionalism and ethics in practice, and is achieved only by a small percentage of all lawyers.

This is another great way for the public to find competent and ethical adoption professionals.

A more complete description of the Adoption Law Certification & a list of certified attorneys can be found here:!OpenDocument

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Importance of Hiring Competent & Ethical Adoption Professionals

This sad story illustrates how crucial it is for prospective adoptive families to work with proven and reputable professionals in the field of adoption:

There is perhaps no other area in which it is more important to be a knowledgeable consumer, to ensure that those who are chosen to help build one’s family through adoption have integrity and are experienced. As a resource, the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys ( is a not-for -profit, credentialed organization of attorneys, judges, and law professors who are bound by a strict code of ethics and have distinguished themselves in the field of adoption and family building.

Fellows of the academy are here to prevent people and agencies, like the agency in this story, from succeeding. They can assist prospective adoptive parents and birth parents find qualified and experienced service providers to make their journey through adoption a safer, legal, and ethical one.  Attorneys Jeanne T. Tate and Danelle D. Barksdale are members of the academy.