Kazakhstan Post-Adoption Alert

The Kazakhstan government has recently expressed some concern over families not meeting their international post-adoption requirements. There is a very strict requirement for families to file annual reports until the child reaches age 18. With many adoption agencies not currently providing services for Kazakhstan, however, many families are unsure how or where to submit these reports. The good news is that parents may generally complete these reports themselves, especially after three years. They should be signed, include 4 – 6 photographs of the child and family , and be sent to the Ministry of Education in Kazakhstan. Read the rest of this entry »

International Adoptions in Decline

International adoptions have declined significantly over the past few years. In 2004, 23,000 children were adopted internationally, but by 2011 only 9,300 children were adopted. In 2012, the top countries for international adoptions were (1) China, (2) Ethiopia, (3) Russia and (4) South Korea. There are many reasons for the decline in international adoptions, but a major one is the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption which was fully implemented in the United States in 2008. The convention was created to ensure that intercountry adoptions take place in the best interests of the child. The convention also established a system of co-operation amongst Contracting Countries in an effort to prevent the abduction, the sale of, or traffic in children. Read the rest of this entry »