Foster Care’s Looming Crisis?

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By Athena Ponushis

“It is unbelievable the way (the system) treats these foster parents. They are not allowed to make noise and they’re the ones who knowthe children the best.” -Barbara Boslow, child advocacy coordinator for the Guardian ad Litem Program in Palm Beach County.

The Florida’s Department of Children and Families has shied away from removing children from their homes, acting under the philosophy of family preservation. Protecting families has led to the death of 477 children in six years, investigations show.

Those deaths have provoked change-recent legislation directs DCF to shift its priority to acting in the best interest of the child.

As fearful as child protective investigators were to remove children from their homes, now they’re scared to let them stay.

Child welfare workers sense a surge of children coming, but the increase of children that will enter the system remains unknown.

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