New I600 and I600A Forms

A message from the Department of Homeland Security – Citizenship & Immigration Services:

A friendly reminder to please help us get out the word about our new orphan forms (dated 2/1/15).  Old orphan forms will be rejected starting next week (Monday, 3/23/15). 

Thus far, only about 27% of Form I-600 filers and 50% of Form I-600A filers are using the new forms.  We are seeking your help to spread the word so we can mitigate the risk of high reject rates and delays, especially for families in which time is of the essence and for those who need to properly file before a child ages out.     

American Academy of Adoption Attorneys Responds to New Indian Child Welfare Guidelines

Washington, DC – The nation’s largest constituent group of adoption attorneys, law professors and judges is reacting to the Department of Interior’s recently issued guidelines from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) concerning the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), a federal law established in 1978 to protect Native American children, families and tribes and to address the issue of the mass removal of Native American children from reservations by state welfare agencies. The law was enacted to protect “the relationship between Indian tribes and Indian children domiciled on the reservation.”  For Full Press Release:   Academy Responds to new Indian Child Welfare Guidelines