Foster Care Spike

The number of Florida children in the state’s foster-care system has reached its highest level since 2008 — driven by both a spike in the number of kids being removed from their homes and a drop in the number being discharged after a stint in foster care.

In the last 24 months, the number of children in what’s known as out-of-home care has reached 22,004 statewide, up from 17,591 in 2013.

These and other trends are included in a report developed by the Department of Children and Families for a recent meeting of the state’s privatized community-based care organizations, which oversee foster care and adoption services.

There is no better way to stem this unfortunate uptick than to educate and encourage the use of private adoption options for foster care children as outlined in section 63.082 of the Florida Statutes. Birth parents have the Constitutionally protected right to chose adoptive parents and remove their child from the system, which is a win win for all involved. For more information call 1-800-GO-ADOPT

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